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Antiquity and cinema : 1. Egypt

Cinema has soon dealt with historical events, and yet to retrive distant times is not so easy. During the shooting of Land of the pharaohs, Howard Hawks bitterly complained not to know how a pharaoh used to speak and think. Staging the past cannot avoid to face present matters, such as archaeological and historical knowledges or the concerns of the artists and of the spectators.

The French national Library hold in its collections many films inspired by Antiquity. Here is a brief panorama which we will detail in three blog posts, starting from the book written by Hervé Dumont, L’Antiquité au cinéma : vérités, légendes et manipulations [Antiquity in cinema : truths, legends and manipulations], which lists the films from the origins of this medium until 2009.

1st post : Egypt. By the duration of its civilisation, its prestigious sovereigns and its monumental architecture, Egypt went on screen since the beginning of the cinema.

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